Rohan Khaunte raises concerns about doctors to Health Minister


Porvorim: Porvorim MLA Rohan A Khaunte has written a letter to the Hon’ble Minister for Health Vishwajit Rane regarding the subject of Medical Fraternity- An Army of God’s Angels

“Even though Temple’s, Churches, Mosques and other places of worship are shut down for last 2 months, God Almighty is still very much within us and God’s Army is fighting Corona for us in form of Our Medical Fraternity caring and saving lives,” he said.

“When the world is shaking in fear for dear life, this Medical Fraternity is risking dear life to serve humanity.”

They too have families which many haven’t seen for days/weeks because for them the patients in their care have become family and protecting the lives of those under their care has become the mission of these Angel’s of God.

They’re working 24×7 without break under tremendous pressure because while COVID cases spiral upwards our Angels are not increasing in numbers and it’s truly a Miracle of God that they’re still managing so wonderfully.

The willpower and dedication of the Medical Fraternity is beyond compare and it’s time that we the people of Goa, represented by our Government takes concrete steps to address their concerns failing which the rapid increase in COVID cases will burn the Wings of these Medical Angel’s.

An Army needs rest and recuperation to keep up the fight…Motivational Support and Gratitude of the people for whom they’re fighting is what gives an Army the strength to overcome all odds and win the war…Just so does our Medical Army need rest, recuperation, support and gratitude.

I request the Goa Government to formulate a Committee to look into the problems faced by them and provide for a package which should not be a relief package but a bouquet of genuine gratitude from the Government and the people of Goa.


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