Rohan Khaunte exposes construction licence scam at Mopa Airport, accuses CM’s involvement


Panaji: Exposing a major scam, Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte on Wednesday pointed out that the construction licence to the GMR company was given to construct Mopa Airport, without charging the fee, which hints at a major corruption.

Addressing a press conference, Khaunte pointed out how Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has maintained monopoly of the Mopa Airport Development Authority (MADA) and has also dissolved powers of PDA, Municipality and Panchayats from Mopa Airport development areas.

The MLA said that the instance of allowing GMR to have a construction licence, without charging any fee, smells of corruption. He alleged hand of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant in the entire affair, asking him to come clear on it.

He pointed out that after getting technical clearance from Town and Country Planning board in the year 2018, the GMR, the MADA raised a  tax of Rs 49,36,76,500 has to be paid towards building licence fees.

But despite that the payment was not done by GMR but the concessionaire asked the MADA to revise the payment. The MADA agreed for it but asked GMR to give undertaking that they will pay the revised payment. And while revised payment was not finalized, the construction licence was given without charging a single paisa.


“CM is involved in the entire scam as he has concentrated entire power to him through MADA, while the body does not have even single elected representative except him,” he said.


“How was the construction licence issued without charging for single paisa. Has CM being given veto power without even worried about agencies like CAG,” he questioned.


“Government needs to be come clear. Unless money was collected, construction licence could not have given, it is a very clear construction scam of airport is getting exposed,” he said.



Highlighting  “Mopa Airport and irregularities around it,” Khaunte said that


Director civil aviation is a member secretary of MDA and same person nominated on the board of GGAIL. This is a total conflict of interest.



After forming MADA, the government took away powers of  five panchayats,  not only airport but areas around it.

He said that though MADA was formed in the year 2018, till date there are no rules formed.


“Overall revenue of the area will go to the MADA and local panchayats would be at the loss. It is violation of 73rd amendment of panchayat. Even powers of PDA, Municipality and Panchayat given to MADA in respect of mopa international airport area,” he pointed out.

“It is said in the act that as and when MADA wants they can acquire more areas,” he said, pointing out that the unabated powers are given to the body.

He questioned whether purposely no rules were framed for MADA Act.

“Till rules are not in force the act cannot be put in use. But using the act, lot of decisions are taken in board meeting. What will happen, if someone asks for the judicial review,” he questioned.




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