Ritu Puri

I m *RITU PURI*, come from a very conservative family, where females are never allowed to work. But right from the childhood I was inclined towards fashion. I used to choose my own dresses from the store unlike other kids whose mothers normally used to shop for them. After turning teen I started dreaming about being in this fashion industry for which I never got approval from my family. They wanted me to go for  regular graduation but I was firm on my decision to go for NIFT. After a long battle at home but with my mom’s favour i finally got approval. That was the happiest moment of my life, where I felt like growing feathers to fly of my own. After completing the  course from NIFT after lots of tussle at home for being a girl working, I finally started working for some export houses and fashion houses. There I used to handle more than 500 labour..which was not an easy task .so many time I had faced bad eyes and  competition from production  and store managers but I never compromise and gave up..in this male dominating society if a young girl wants to do something.. they cannot digest it…
After marriage I moved to GOA & started looking after my family. After sometime I realised that I’m wasting the talent of mine for which I worked hard and dreamt for. That was the turning point of my life when I decided to start my own *FASHION BOUTIQUE*. So finally on 18th of April 2016, I started my this first venture by the name & style of *RITU’S CREATION*.
With 16years of experience in the fashion industry, I have worked in major metros with
celebrated clientele. I moved to Goa in 2008 and gradually settled
my branded store – *RITU’S CREATION*, in a small but classy market of Goa. My forte is primarily in designing gowns, and indo-western  dresses. I have been able to pave the path of success at multiple levels, on my own. I made my dream a reality with diligence, hard work, determination and dedication, my love for the art of fashion, and
support of my colleagues and mentors. I truly believe that all women, regardless of shape or size, are beautiful. And a good dress will always look good on a body with a beautiful soul. You need to respect women for who they are and not just for their looks.Hence my work speaks in volume about the beauty of women, an empowered women.
After my first successful venture *RITU’S CREATION* I started my second venture by the brand name of *DRESS CODE*, which is a separate & Specialised unit for making & designing Uniforms as per the industry. May it be Hotel Industry or Automobile or Medical or any other. I was also one of the finalist in the Mrs Goa 2018 contest, where I won the coveted crown of the *FASHION ICON 2018*. I feel proud to announce that recently at a ceremony held by a renowned survey agency my brand *RITU’S CREATION* was awarded the *BEST BRAND LEADERSHIP AWARD*.
I would like to share something more about my journey so far :
 *Faculty* – WLDC, Goa
o Held lectures on Fashion design
o Conducted training workshops for students of INIFD
 *Costume Designer* for Prasad Pankar’s Iconic Fashion Calendar
photo shoot
 *Costume Designer* for Fashion Calendar for CMYK Academy
 Partnered with David Furtado (DFDA) for various events
 Store Manager – *Samore* (a flagship brand of *Pragya Samore*)
hv Received training on design as per customer
o Manage fashion shows
o Handling client orders
o Full store management


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