RG demands crack down on Narcotics trade in Pernem

Panaji: The Revolutionary Goan members from Pernem pointed out that Goa has witnessed an increase in drug seizures despite the pandemic dealing a huge blow to tourism, which they said provides the primary market for drugs in the state. To make matters worse the Pernem MLA, Babu Ajgaonkar and Mandrem MLA, Dayanand Sopte announced their plans to set up a mega entertainment village spread over 1.5 lakh sqm in Mandrem.


First of all during the tourist season there are several music, food festivals and other events held in the capital city and coastal belt which causes a lot of inconvenience to the locals. These festivals give rise to drugs and prostitution.


Revolutionary Goans leader from Pernem, Sunayana Gawde highlighted that there was need to protect the heritage, culture and identity of Pernem and not turn it into a narco paradise.

“Ajgaonkar is saying that this entertainment village will have the facilities to conduct small, medium-scale entertainment events and even maybe electronic dance music (EDM) festivals in the future. He claims it is a good plan to have a designated entertainment venue in Mandrem as it is frequented by tourists. In the name of entertainment village everything will be introduced here including sex, drug and prostitution,” said Gawde.


“We do not want the people here to live in fear. Neither do we want this place to be a haven for drug crime. With the recent cases of drug seizures being carried out in and around Pernem we feel it’s high time the government takes some stringent action to prevent drug abuse here. Revolutionary Goans condemn this announcement and will support the locals of Mandrem to scrap this project,” she added.


One can recall that recently the crime branch of Goa police arrested a man from Mormugao and a native of Jharkhand for carrying out dealings in narcotics drugs in the North Goa coastal belt. The duo was held at Mandrem. Police also seized 2,400 kg of ganja worth about Rs 2.4 lakh from the accused.


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