Resolve MMC strike issues or we will dump the garbage outside Milind Naik’s house : Sankalp Amonkar GPCC Vice President



Panaji : GPCC Vice President Sankalp Amonkar on Friday demanded that Urban Development Minister Milind Naik resolve the MMC strike issue that will subsequently clear the garbage flowing across the roads in all wards.

Amonkar while challenging the BJP Karyakartas to clear the Garbage on roads under BJP cleanliness drives also warned that if the MMC strike issues were not resolved by Monday, then people from all 25 wards would dump the garbage outside the house of Urban Development Minister Milind Naik.

Amonkar said that Naik was unfit to handle the DMA and Urban Development Ministry becuase the MMC workers had been regularly going on strike and also said that MMC must also be privatized like other Government organizations or handed over to the MMC union .
Amonkar questioned why the 14th Finance extra funds were given to GSUDA while the workers who had worked dedicatedly even during the pandemic were not paid their salaries.

Amonkar said “Naik did not meet the striking MMC workers despite his house being just 3kms from MMC”. Amonkar demanded that the Government resolve the issues of striking workers immediately failing which people will be forced to dump the garbage on roadsides in front of Milind Naik house by Mon


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