Red Carpet for outsiders, S.144 for Goans says Goencho Avaaz Party 

Panaji : Goencho Avaaz Party(GAP) said that recently, Goans who have been deprived of their Shigmo and other religious celebrations, had to suffer insult heaped upon injury as TV channels carried footage of hordes of eager party goers crowding the casinos, without maintaining any social distancing, and others even without the mandatory masks.
It will be recalled that comprehensive SOPs for casinos were issued on November 2, 2020. However, given the chaos and confusion that is being witnessed in connection with the casinos, it needs to be asked if SOP compliance is being monitored by the authorities. “If the SOPs are being followed, then the Collector needs to explain how 31 offshore casino employees tested Covid positive just 3 days ago. It is a fact, that the powerful air flow from the casino A/c blowers, and its recirculation, makes it the perfect environment for the casinos to be super spreaders of the dreaded virus”. Said  GAP
Roshan Mathias, Vice President of Goencho Avaaz pointed out that one of the crucial SOPs is that casinos are only permitted to contain 50% of their capacity at any given time. “Whether this is being maintained is the question, given the huge rush at nights on weekends and festival holidays. Hence, it is important that the Collector physically verify that SOPs are being followed by checking the CCTV footage of the gaming zone, restaurants and ticketing areas. Along with the CCTV footage, the official hourly guest count also needs to be submitted to the administration” he declared.
This he said, would demonstrate more effectively the concern of the government for its people, rather than just imprisoning them under Section 144, while permitting free and unrestricted movement and assembly for tourists and other random outsiders.
Capt. Viriato Fernandes, State Convenor, Goencho Avaaz flayed the government for setting up Flying Squads to check its own people’s Holi celebrations. “Are these stringent norms only for Goans? Why is the BJP Government refusing to maintain the same standards for the casinos, beach and rave parties and tourists revellery


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