Rebel BJP leaders who aligned against me have no chance of winning : Babush Monseratte 



Panaji : Antonasio (Babush) Monseratte has slammed his opponent for having no agenda and their sole motive is to see him lose. “Rebel BJP leaders who had name and fame due to late Manohar Parrikar have lost the ground now I challenge them to come and face me instead of plotting behind my back. They are like trees who flex their own appearance and fragrance because they are around Sandalwood tree but once the Sandalwood tree is gone everyone knows that the trees around it have no value and are nothing more than burning wood”
He said that people of Panjim will vote for development and since Opposition has nothing to offer they quite naturally lose, “My panel will be sweeping polls and win all 30 seates” Monseratte asserted.
Monseratte also inferred that although the voting percentile is low in the morning it will pick up eventually in the afternoon and evening.


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