Proposed garbage facility for MRF at Neura raises apprehensions


Neura: The residents of Igrezwaddo, Neura are apprehensive about the proposed garbage storage facility of MRF in their village.

St Andre based social worker Ramrao Wagh said that the people are anxious and apprehensive about the proposed garbage storage facility by MRF as the site chosen by village panchayat on Communidade land is adjoining the existing houses and there is no proper approach road for it.

“It is in low lying area too,” he said.

Wagh questioned whether the ward member was consulted while site was inspected while the site has also been not approved by gramsabha.


The villagers have objected and want to discuss the same during the next gramsabha meeting. They have said that the panchayat should not allow it till gramsabha decides.

Wagh visited the site to understand the issue. He said that the panchayat body has to discuss the issue and place it before gramsabha.


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