Power failures in state show ‘powerful’ are now ‘powerless’: AAP


Panaji:  AAP volunteers gathered in large numbers in Panaji today with twin purposes of hailing the launch of home delivery of 40 public services and using the occasion to say that electricity which is the one service in addition to water which should have been delivered uninterruptedly at the people’s houses was tripping somewhere as a rule rather than an exception.


Led by AAP convenor Elvis Gomes along with General Secretary Pradeep Padgaonkar, slogan shouting volunteers marched into the office of the electricity department targeting the CEE who was taken by surprise and launched a direct attack on his continuation in chair.


Gomes cornered him over his reply that there was no one competent to hold the post stating whether he had himself become the government to say so. Aap pressed on the demand for uninterrupted power.


Later Gomes said that it was a great day for AAP across India as it’s only government has launched home delivery of services thus unburdening the common man of the hassles of obtaining basic services from Government offices.


He said that the Modi Government through it’s LG had been blocking this initiative until the Supreme Court Ruled that the Delhi Government was competent in this regard.


“The Delhi Government initiative is possible because it is constantly engaged in the welfare of the common man unlike Goa which doesn’t even have the courage to register a case against use of formalin for the fear of exposure of recipients of kickbacks which could include big names. I call upon the Goa administration in whatever state it is, to learn from the AAP Government so that Goans too benefit from such initiatives.”said Gomes.


He added that they were here in Panaji to highlight just one test case and that is of the electricity department, which has miserably failed to provide uninterrupted power to the people.


“Now that Ganesh Chaturthi is nearing , atleast see that power doesn’t go off. Have system in place to intimate people about power failures and reasons and the duration of the failure. Or must be that there could be commissions to be made from suppliers of inverters” said Gomes.


The memorandum submitted to the Chief Electrical Engineer which besides drawing his attention to power failures, also criticized him for enjoying continued extension despite retirement. The memorandum also highlighted the dilapidated condition of the staff quarters of the department in various places which had not been addressed. Aap volunteers burnt a copy of the Government order increasing electricity charges which Aap claimed was harsh


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