Portion not taught fully, worries of covid19 infection, Board students want exams to be postponed


Panaji: When we demand that the examination should be postponed, we get to hear comments on social media asking us to go back home and study; they don’t know what situation we are going through, a 10th standard student opined.

In the first ever such initiative, www.goanewshub.com had a google meet of 10th and 12th students, who have been demanding that the Board should postpone the examination in the wake of rising COVID-19 infection. 100 students participated in the meet while there were at least 300-odd more wanting to join in to express their opinion.

This is what we summed up from the discussion with them:

  1. Some of the students are already covid positive but they will be answering the examination, how can they answer under such a stress/weakness.
  2. There is fear amongst the students as they don’t know whether any one of them is already positive and not detected. If that is the case, they will be infected.
  1. It is not possible to sit with mask on for three hours and answer the examination in non-ac halls.
  2. The students are afraid that they may contact virus during their travel to the school
  3. The syllabus is not complete as majority of the classes were taken online and there was a tendency to skip the chapter by teachers.
  4. There were back to back examinations due to which the portion is not completed in majority of the schools
  5. While CBSC has cancelled 10thand postponed 12th, the Goa Board students fear that they may not be able to perform well as they are not prepared. If they underperform, their ability to compete in national competitive examinations will be affected.
  6. Students are demanding that the examinations should be postponed till covid cases are under control.
  7. Students also feel that government should provide them vaccination and only when students get them, the examination should be conducted.
  8. Entire lot of 19,000 students who would be appearing for examination are under threat.
  9. Students feel that those who are criticizing them for asking of postponement of examination don’t know what they are going through. Such a level of stress will naturally make them underperform.
  10. Students feel that the Board examinations are not cancelled by govt as it will have to also cancel municipal election.

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