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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Poonam Pandey episode: Five including Canacona PI suspended for providing security 

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Canacona: This would certainly go as an unprecedented in the history of Goa police that three of their men including a Police Inspector had to face suspension for providing protection to shoot porn clip on state government property.

Police Inspector Tukaram Chavan, two constables and two guards employed at Chapoli dam through Goa Human Resource Development Corporation (GHRDC) were suspended owing to the public pressure.

Senior police officials including Deputy Superintendent of Police Nelson Albuquerque admitted that the action was taken as Police Inspector provided protection to the crew members, who shot controversial video of Poonam Pandey on Chapoli dam.

What exactly happened at Canacona on Wednesday

The locals were upset after the video surfaced on social media. WRD had filed complaint against unknown after which FIR was booked against Poonam Pandey on Tuesday evening. But that was not enough.

Locals demanded that police officers who provided security to the crew for such illegality should be suspended. Amongst the prominent leaders that took up the cause included BJP leader Ramesh Tawadkar, Goa Forward Party leaders Mohandas Lolienkar and Prashant Naik besides others.

Canacona bandh was called on Wednesday and accordingly the market remained shut. There was hundred percent response to the call.

Senior police officers rush to Canacona

Sensing the expected problem, senior police officers including Superintendent of Police (South) Pankaj Kumar Singh and Deputy Superintendent of Police Albuquerque rushed to Canacona police station. Albuqueque is holding the charge as DySP Canacona is on a leave. The agitators met police at the station during which it was announced that PI and two constables have been suspended.

Demands met , strike withdrawn: Ramesh Tawadkar

BJP leader Ramesh Tawadkar said that the strike has been withdrawn after demands of the local were met by police. “I thank all the Canaconkars for supporting the strike,” he said.


Action should not have been delayed: Prashant Naik

Police should not have taken time to meet the demands of locals. They could have avoided the bandh, had they suspended the officers yesterday, said Naik

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