Ever heard about plantable Seed Calendars that can help us save the Earth?


Panaji: If the year 2020 has taught us anything than one of the important takeaway from this disastrous year is that “preserve your environment.” The lockdowns and curbs have indicated that the Earth can be healed and course correction can be made. For the year 2021, Andhra Pradesh-based Green Waves Environmental Solutions have come up with an opportunity for everyone to show that we respect the Nature. Managing Director of the company P Anil Chowdary unveiled to us, the concept of seed calendars.

What is Seed Calendar?

Green Waves Environmental Solutions seed calendar is 100%  harmless to the environment and promotes sustainable living. Your traditional calendar is made of paper, which comes from cutting down trees. For long, humans have exhausted natural resources.

How it works to preserve environment?


The calendar sheets are plantable – which means that once each month is done, you can plant the seed paper calendar sheet in the soil, water it and you will see it sprout in 3 or 4 days. The fully plantable seed paper calendar sheets will ensure that your year is full of six varieties of flowers and vegetables either on your desk or in your garden!

A seed paper calendar can do so much for the environment and for yourself as a person, or for your brand – these calendars, in essence, recycle themselves into habitats for endangered bees and butterflies!

Every inch of the calendar is biodegradable

What better way to showcase your love for sustainability through Green WavesvEnvironmental Solutions ecofriendly calendars. Every inch of the calendar (including the non-plantable portions) is completely biodegradable and non-plastic, which means that it isn’t resulting in any landfill waste at all!

Love your loved ones

These seed paper calendars are the best gift for your loved ones to start their New Year – it’ll be their first foray into sustainable stationery, and every month when these sheets bloom into beautiful flowers and vegetables, it’ll remind them of you and your wonderful thoughtful present.


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