PM Narendra Modi rally to attract 30,000 crowd: BJP


Panaji: The preparations are in full swing to host one of the mega rallies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Dr Shama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium, Bambolim on April 10.

The BJP functionaries are working overtime to make this rally a grand success which will also give boost to their election campaign in two Lok Sabha and three Assembly constituencies.

Modi will be addressing a crowd of over 30,000 at the stadium and considering the capacity of the venue, the party has organised five huge screens outside the stadium for those who would not be able to make it inside the stadium.

This would be the first ever election rally of Modi since the time schedule for Lok Sabha polls have been announced.

The Prime Minister who has gained popularity due to his pro people schemes is expected to make party’s mind clear on issues like mining resumption and also on tourism industry.

Sources stated that the PM might also give a mega poll promise to the State which would be fulfilled after party comes to power.

All the five candidates are already in the field campaigning in their respective constituencies, but are expecting to get major impetus to their canvassing after Modi’s rally.

Party’s senior functionaries in charge of Goa, BJP Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, State Unit President Vinay Tendulkar, both the MPs and others will be present on the dais for the rally.

Modi’s rallies have always been a crowd puller and considering his ever rising popularity in the country, the crowd is expected to go beyond the expected limits.


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