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Pharma companies’ employees raise worry over safety, genuinty of work during lockdown

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Panaji: With the state executive committee (SEC) deciding to open Pharmaceutical sector, the concerns are raised over the safety of the workers employed in these units.

Also, the apprehensions are raised on why those pharmaceutical companies involved in medicines which are exported are allowed to function along with those which provide drugs to the domestic market.

The SEC on Friday had allowed the pharmaceutical companies and its supply chain to function during the lockdown period citing that other states were dependent on the supplies of drugs from Goa.

Ponda-based Aggressive Goans, is amongst the NGOs, who have taken up the cause of people working in Pharmaceutical sector.

President of NGO Santosh Tari  said that all the Pharma Companies maintains Central Air Handling Units (AHU) to maintain the temperature less than 25`c (degree Celsius) or below which itself enough for transfer / spread of Virus.

Following is the contention of the NGO:

“Few Pharma Companies are been manufacturer of Cosmetic products such as Shampoos, Sun Screens, etc. but claim as essential services to run during curfew time which itself is a Violation of Central Notification.”

“Most of the Pharma Companies run to manufacture Export Oriented Products to fulfill their commitment with the buyers of the other countries, In-spite transportation is stopped and same are not Life Saving Drugs.”

“ WIP (Work In Progress) Materials or Finished Products which are already manufactured can be reanalyzed to check the API (Active Pharmaceuticals Products) quality and to maintain the same only Utility staff (One per Shift) is only a requirement,” the NGO added.

“Proper Quality management systems can be initiated for the any process deviations in Pharma companies which is accepted by all regulatory agencies world wide, Thus it has no impact of Regulatory point of view on shutting down the Pharma companies till 14th April 2020.”

“Recently Migrants employees have traveled to their native place on occasion of “Holi Festival” and now they are returned back to join in the Pharma companies without checking or Quarantined for 14 days.”

“It is very risky at this current situation to run the Pharma companies and management/staff will be misusing the “Curfew Passes” if allotted to the Pharma companies.”

“ We say neighboring states Karnataka & Maharashtra already have shutdown the drug Companies including their Head Office. If Pharma Companies is allowed to run during Lock down, employees will be assemble at Gates, canteen , during Transportation and to maintain Social distance at work place is practically difficult.”

We say State Licencing Authority is a Competent Authority to verify the Life Saving Drugs. Hence we request for Inspection in Pharma Companies to check the Genuineness for manufacturing of Life Saving Drugs.

We also state that Life saving drugs & Essential service which Pharma companies claims are totally different. Hence proper study / Investigation is required.

In the View Above we request, Please do not issue any “Curfew Passes” blindly as Pharma Companies thinks of pure business and risking the life of Pharma Employees. It has been recorded statements and evidence that Pharma companies harasses & forcefully instructs employees to join the duties in the company to run the units full fledged.

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