Parrikar is forced to continue as CM to retain power: Velingkar

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Mandrem: Former Goa RSS Chief Subhash Velingkar on Wednesday accused BJP high command of pressuring Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to continue in the chair despite his ill-health to retain power in the State.

Velingkar was talking to reporters on Wednesday evening at Mandrem Assembly constituency, which will be facing by-election after its lawmaker Dayanand Sopte resigned as MLA and from the Congress party to join BJP.

The former Goa RSS Chief, who was ousted from the post for his statements against Parrikar in the year 2016, said that State government should provide medical update about chief minister’s health condition.

“They (government) should give medical update about Parrikar’s health condition, they (government) is fooling the people. Parrikar needs proper rest,” he said. “Unfortunately,  BJP high command in Delhi want power to be retained in Goa and that is why they are not allowing him to rest. They (BJP) are power hungry,” Velingkar added.

He claimed that despite Parrikar’s unwillingness to continue, he has been forced to do so (continue as CM) without keeping in mind his health conditions. “He (Parrikar) is sick. We wish him speedy recovery. But we learn that day by day his health condition is deteriorating,” the former RSS Goa chief said.

Velingkar, who has floated his political outfit Goa Suraksha Manch, said that State government should have appointed another person as the chief minister in absence of Parrikar.

“BJP is harassing people by not appointing a new CM. This government should be dissolved. And I feel that this government will be dissolved and elections for Goa Assembly would be held along with Lok Sabha polls,” Velingkar said.

He alleged that BJP is no more a party with ideology.

“The elected representatives don’t have anything to do with party’s ideology. They have imported leaders from other parties. The loyal cadre is disturbed. Coming election, BJP will be completely wiped out from the State,” he added.


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