Opening of Casinos will invite COVID wave again: Youth Congress

Panaji : The Goa Pradesh Youth Congress has urged Hon’ble Governor of Goa P. S. Sreedharan Pillai to not allow Casinos to operate in Mandovi river, until the COVID pandemic situation improves in the state.
In a memorandum submitted to the governor, GPYC has requested not to lift the ban on Casinos in the Mandovi River.
The Youth Congress in this Memorandum has stated that the latest report of NIO revealed that water quality of Mandovi river improved due to steep decrease in human & navigational activities during pandemic.
“The cases of COVID increased in Goa, only because the government failed to restrict tourism activities in the past. If now measures are not taken and if casinos are allowed to operate then Goa may come into problem as a third wave is expected to hit.” Adv. Varad Mardolkar, President of GPYC, said.
“COVID positive patients increased due to reopening of Casinos. Even when 31 casino staff were detected positive, the govt failed to declare it Micro Containment Zone and kept all the activities open.” Mardolkar lamented.
He said that because of casinos many tourists flock to the state and thus the positive cases surge.
He said that the SOPs declared by the State Govt were blatantly violated by the casino visitors.
 According to Mardolkar, Congress in its previous Memorandum had warned the Govt. that reopening of Casinos will again pollute the river Mandovi, create traffic menace in Panaji and will give
invitation diseases.
“Youth Congress therefore demand to His Excellency not to allow Casinos to reopen again as Chaturthi, Diwali, X’mas Vacations, New Year Celebration etc. will result in an unstoppable crowd on Casinos & may result into increase in pandemic which may again affect our State Economy adversely. As the 3rd wave is predicted by medical experts and after observing the mismanagement of the government during the 2nd wave, it is advisable to take precautions in advance instead of inviting catastrophe.” Mardolkar said.


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