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One year of www.goanewshub.com, a website that never sleeps

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Panaji: It all began when couple of like-minded people sat together and started discussing on the future of Journalism in Goa. The discussion swung from biased journalism to monopoly of few forces to sway the people along with them. The long conversation unanimously ended on a serious note that why Goa doesn’t have its own news website which breaks the stories in real time. So, we decided to join hands and hence https://goanewshub.com/ was born.

From May 5, 2018 till date, we have filed total 2,525 news stories, and majority of which were breaking. And exclusive. We are in sync with the requirement of people who are spending more than three hours of their daily life on mobile and have tweeted 4,807 times bringing in fresh information about Goa.

Breaking a story isn’t a cakewalk for a startup when you already have biggies in the field. Moreover, you hardly get time to be perfect in your language, resulting which one grammatical errors happen. And, we too have committed some such silly mistakes to be the first ones.

But when it comes to authenticity of information, we make no compromise. We are always accurate, true and unbiased.

Last one year has been very significant for Goa, specially when the State witnessed how tall leader like Manohar Parrikar crumbled to the disease of Cancer. The painful journey of Parrikar from hospital to hospital and also to Legislative Assembly was covered by us. Parrikar’s ‘Be Positive’ attitude had inspired everyone including us.

Breaking the news about his death was one the saddest coverages a Journalist could have done in his career in Goa.

The USP about our website is that we never sleep. We break stories even at the mid night and also during wee hours bringing in news as and when it occurs.

Trying to touch every aspect of online platforms, we introduced Short Interviews on our FB page. We are grateful to Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant for giving his first ever interview to us. That was short three minute interview which was viewed by thousands of netizens.

After clocking more than 28 lakh viewers since its inception, our website is visited by average 10 people per minute, round the clock. Not just the politically sensitive and curious readers from Goa or India, we have footfalls from UK, Middle East, the USA and even African countries wherever our Goans are living. We have become their connect to their motherland.

Team Goa News Hub always strive to get the news at its purest form in your mobile, laptop, pads or desktop.

As we celebrate our first anniversary, we know that our journey ahead is much bigger and better.

Your blessings, advice and suggestions are our propellers for further improvement.




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