One day assy session is to escape from public trial : AAP



Aam Aadmi party accused the government and the opposition of conspiring together to remain away from public gaze to protect themselves from shame of all round failures by going for a mock one day assembly session. Addressing media in Margao, AAP Convenor Elvis Gomes along with AAP leaders Rodney Almeida and Sidharth Karapurkar said that while the government has been adamant in forcing teachers into schools, opening religious places and allowing tourists by opening hotels, there was no rationale in running away from scrutiny of the performance of the government, by holding a mock exercise of just a day’s session. He said that there were several issues including covid response from government that needed answers which the government did not have and hence it was an unique case where the entire opposition exposed their close relationship with the ruling party in allowing loot of the state’s resources.
“ Covid response, Molem forests, Double tracking of railways, inflated power bills, fuel price rise, loss of jobs, loot of NRIs and seafarers are just a few of the enormous issues particularly which have corruption angle that needed open scrutiny . If the government and opposition are working in tandem, it is death of democracy. If they can come together for photo session while inaugurating flyovers, they should not run away from assembly. They can come in 1/3rd numbers by taking turns. ” said Gomes demanding that the governor should take over by recommending president’s rule.
He said that people would be willing to supply PPE kits to all MLAs if they still decide to reconsider the decision and go for a full session.


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