Now Police Clearance Certificates will have QR code 


Panaji: In order to eliminate duplication or forgery, Goa police on Thursday announced that “police clearance certificate” (PCC) issued by them will have enhanced features including QR code.

Goa Police spokesman said that henceforth the Police Clearance Certificates issues will have advanced security features to avoid possibility of duplication or forgery.

“The QR code contains information about applicant, address and police station under which applicant resides and other details,” the spokesman said.

Team comprising of Deputy Superintendent of Police Edwin Colaco has worked on QR coding to ensure that data is stored in a digital format in the certificate, he said.

“Details such as purpose of seeking PCC and issuing authority alongwith application number is embedded in the QR code and all such information can be easily accessed by scanning the code incase the genuineness and authenticity of the document is required to be ascertained,” the Spokesman said.

PCC with such enhanced security features are issued by Superintendent of Police with effect from ongoing month, January, 2020.

The PCCs are issued by the department for various purposes including passport applications.


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