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Nothing Goa specific, BJP is losing interest in our state: Shiv Sena

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Panaji: The Union Budget presented by Narendra Modi-led government has specifically left out Goa though we are going to benefit from the schemes implemented for general public, Shiv Sena Goa Vice President Rakhi Prabhudesai Naik said.

She said that it is sad that the industry like tourism and mining which has been sluggish in the State find no encouragement in the union budget.

On the other hand, Goa has been missing in the list of five iconic heritage sites where there will be on-site museum.

The cluster of Churches at Old Goa has been recognized by UNESCO has heritage sites and could have found the place in the list, which would have given boost to the tourism in the State.

The central government has also not touched upon the important aspect of mining industry, which is on its death bed in the state.

The union budget on the other hand speaks about harnessing the strength of inland waterways. The entire plan to privatize the inland waterways, which has been ‘work in progress’ for Port Minister Michael Lobo who is contemplating to allow logistic hubs on private jetties has been given boost through the budget.

After messing up the main roads and both the ports – MPT and Panaji port, state government is contemplating to have ‘satellite ports’ in the form of these private jetties. The union budget has supported the proposal.

The proposal to allow medical college under Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis in district hospitals will also have its repercussions on upcoming new Hospicio Hospital in Margao.

We have seen how Hospicio Hospital is hitting newer deadlines and now the proposal by Union government to allow private medical college, might result into privatization of the facilities of the hospital. State government should come clear on it.

Sena is not against medical college in South Goa but it should not be at the cost of the facilities at Hospicio hospital.

Knowing the track record of Health minister Vishwajit Rane to private the government services, we are waiting and watching on what would be the next move.

The proposal for contract farming to boost income of the farmer should be welcomed. But the real question is whether Goa government is willing to implement it.

There was similar proposal for contract farming and community farming which was supposed to be passed in Goa Legislative Assembly, but it has not seen the day light.

Sena wants commitment from Pramod Sawant-led government that it would implement contract and community farming so that our agrarian economy gets the boost.

At the end, Sena would like to sum up by pointing out to the fact that after death of Manohar Parrikar, central BJP leadership has been losing interest in Goa due to which they have systematically kept the state out of any specific references to the coastal state.

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