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Not fusion, Confusion.


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If the Goa Assembly elections have clearly demonstrated the lack of fusion among the opposition parties which led to the return of the BJP, the political activities after the results have led us into a state of utter confusion.

Even after 10 days since the results, the victorious BJP is confused about not only who should lead but also who should be in the cabinet and who they should enlist support from. The Central leadership is confused about the loyalties of its own MLAs to take a strong decision in this regard.

The Congress which considers itself to be the default opposition in every state is confused about its role as an opposition party in Goa after humiliating defeats here and nationwide. The finger pointing by a party small fry accusing its alliance partner Goa Forward for the debacle is proof of its inability to grasp the reality, inability to introspect, inability to self-analyse. They have to find the answer to the nagging question why they did not attempt to bring together the opposition despite repeated pleas by Goa Forward supremo Vijai Sardesai years in advance that only a united Team Goa can defeat the BJP.

A particular media house which was responsible for bringing the high decibel TMC to Goa just three months before the election who then allied with a traditional BJP ally, the MGP, has nothing to say about the division of votes or the fact that MGP did not have any qualms in offering support to the BJP immediately after the results. This ‘opposition’ media is now questioning the credibility of political leaders who sacrificed everything and worked for an united opposition.

Institution in Goa that advocated against splitting of opposition votes is confused why despite their lofty talk, votes were divided and the people did not care much about their preaching. Why is Revolutionary Goans not being blamed for the BJP win in as many as 7 seats and not criticised for their extreme views and threatening and thuggish attitude? Why are independent MLAs like Reginald Lourenco or Antonio Vaz who won on an anti BJP plank not even questioned , forget criticised for offering support to BJP immediately on their election?

Lastly, the most confused man appears to be fresh Congressman Michael Lobo who is advising Vijai Sardesai to think hard about his future. The only reason Lobo chose to be a Congressman is because BJP refused his wife a ticket. His loyalties remain suspect and will always be suspect.

Unfortunately, the most affected and confused are the people of Goa who have elected their representatives to be in power so that their aspirations can be fulfilled, their work done. In a democracy, people’s wish is the ultimate and politicians should not be confused to do their voters’ bidding, however radical they are, and disregard the opportunistic stands of the rest. Including the media.

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