MP Sadanand Tanawade raises issue of birth registration in Portugal


New Delhi: Rajya Sabha MP and State President of BJP Goa, Shri Sadanand Shet Tanavade, drew the attention of the Minister of External Affairs in the Rajya Sabha during the Zero Hours to a critical issue affecting a substantial number of individuals in Goa. The Regional Passport Office has recently revoked passports of over 70 people following the renewal of their Indian passports subsequent to registering their births in Portugal.

The revocation is based on considering birth registration in Portugal as the effective date of acquiring citizenship. Rajya Sabha MP Tanavade has urged the Minister of External Affairs to reconsider the decision, emphasizing that revoking Indian passports solely based on birth registration in Portugal is unwarranted.

Shri Sadanand proposed that the Ministry allows the renewal of Indian passports for these individuals until they acquire the official citizenship document from the Portuguese government. This measure is crucial to facilitating their travel and ensuring their well-being during the transition period until their Portuguese passports are ready.

Furthermore, Rajya Sabha MP Tanavade has proposed that the Ministry expedite the process, enabling individuals to promptly obtain OCI cards upon acquiring Portuguese citizenship.


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