Mollem & Misinformation


It’s a sad state of affairs for nature loving Goans that our own CM is acting against the wishes and better interests of our naturally endowed state of Goa.
The struggle and hope’s of environmentalists and for that matter all nature loving Goans are crushed when Dr Pramod Sawant categorically submits to the Centre that only 30 out of the 96 village’s around Mollem Biodiversity are ecologically sensitive.
This highly insensitive approach to the people’s opposition is a harbinger of worse things to come as the CMOs bows down to the political and money power of the Coal lobby that stands to benefit the most from the doubling of track’s, roads and other proposed infrastructure development through the lungs of Goa.

I have vehemently opposed this illogically destructive approach since its inception and taken up the issue in writing with the PMOs, Central Environment Ministry and also the Chief Justice of India.
When the whole world is moving towards preserving of whatever nature is left this Government seems to be motivated to destroy the natural flora and fauna for which Goa is known the world over. Natural disasters are on the rise all over the planet due to the greedy exploitation of nature by man. Sustainable Development is the buzzword around the world and we’re doing just the opposite!
The Pandemic limitations are being repeatedly used by the CM to circumvent public opinion and opposition on every matter including this issue. Covid seems to be the best coverup for suppression of public opinion and the CM is seizing the opportunity time and again to satisfy his Central masters while suppressing the just voices of Goans.

We must not be mute spectators to these blatant violations of nature that will affect our future generations. We cannot let a few Corporate Giants to push us into oblivion although the CMOs has already succumbed to Central dictats and kept the Mollem Biodiversity at the Moneyed Feet of the Corporate Giant’s!


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