Merces road under water, AAP Goa chief, social activist visits the spot


Merces: AAP Goa President Amit Palekar on Monday claimed that the lack of planning while undertaking the projects has led to flooding of the road leading to Merces from Panaji.

Palekar along with social activist Tanoj Adwalpalkar visited the flooded part at Merces on Monday with group of media persons. Palekar said that the debris has been dumped in the field due to which the water is trying to find its way on the main road.

He said that the PWD should have planned properly during construction of the road.
He said that Merces has become a garbage ground. He said none of the panchayat has been bothered about the people.

Palekar said that the Merces would be cut off from Panaji if the water continues rising on the road.

Adwalkar said that the debris created during Smart city construction has been thrown in the field at Merces.

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