Menace of beggary continues in Panaji – by Ketan Golatkar

Panaji: The capital city of Goa has seen a drastic rise in beggars since the curfew was announced by the Government of Goa. According to the Supreme Court Unemployment and lack of education are the main reasons why beggary occurs.
According to sources there are 500,000 beggars in India and 300,000 of them are children in India.Every time a world leader like Trump visits India. The Govt undertakes the task of cleaning streets and building walls around the homeless to hide them from visitors.
The law bans begging hoever the Hon’ble Supreme Court has observed that begging is Socio-economic phenomenon, people are forced to beg due to absence of education and employment.
In 2018, the Delhi High Court struck down a law that made begging in the Capital of India a crime, saying that criminalizing begging “violates the fundamental rights of some of the most vulnerable people”
According to the CMIE report Goa ranks 2nd in unemployment in the year 2021. SC has reiterated the welfare State’s role to provide basic requirements – food, housing, education, and health. SC observations suggest a way to curb the menace of beggary.


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