Lok Sabha election is fought by INDIA Alliance to save the identity of Goa: Alemao


Panaji: Congress party on Wednesday said that the upcoming Lok Sabha election in Goa is fought to save the identity of Goa.

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Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao said that the INDIA Alliance has given best candidates in both the parliamentary constituencies — North Goa and South Goa.

“This election is fought for the sake of Goa’s identity. If identity has to be protected then the people have to come out and vote for INDIA Alliance candidate,” said Alemao.
Congress has fielded Ramakant Khalap in North Goa and Viriato Fernandes in South Goa Parliamentary constituency.

“ The idea is to save what is left in Goa’s interest. This is election for saving identity of Goa,” Alemao said.

Responding to a question about choice of former Indian Navy captain, Viriato Fernandes as candidate against business woman Pallavi Dempo in South Goa, Alemao said that if one goes into the background of Congress candidate, he has served Indian Navy.

“He has been very patriotic person. His love for the country speaks volumes through his work. He has been a Kargil war hero as well,” the LoP said.

Alemao said that Viriato, during last ten years, has raised several issues in the interest of Goa and Goans. “He is the best choice that India alliance has,” he added.

Alemao said that this time, in Goa, it is going to be money and muscle power versus people’s power. “We are confident that 66 per cent of the opposition, 32-33 per cent with the ruling side. Opposition is together working as a one block,” he added.

The LoP said that the congress party had appealed Revolutionary Goans party to join the opposition and support them. “But RGP fielded their own candidates. This shows that they are not serious against the ruling dispensation, they are here to divide the people,” he said.


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