Lets Change Goa Politics Campaign gaining momentum, Goans are supporting it in large numbers: Adv. Surel Tilve


Panaji: Within 2 days AAP campaign reaches out to angry Goans. 26,000 plus Goans pledge to boycott BJP Congress and turncoat MLAs.

More than 26,000 Goans pledged to boycott the BJP & the Congress in the upcoming elections for engaging in blatant horse trading. On Saturday 3 July AAP launched its campaign to unite Goans to get rid of those who disregarded their votes, both the BJP who stole them and the Congress who sold them. Suffice to say Goans have taken well to this campaign that has struck a resonance with them. Many supporters of the Congress have been annoyed that the party has not cared about them when they sold 10 of their MLAs to the BJP, however there is tremendous anger amongst BJP voters as well who supported their candidates only to be given Congress MLAs
Goans expressed their anger to the two traditional parties by heading to AAP’s website LetsCleanGoanPolitics.org and taking a pledge to boycott BJP & Congress along with the turncoat MLAs who hopped parties. Goans are clearly angry that 4 and a half years ago despite giving a mandate for the Congress, 2/3rd of the Congress MLAs jumped ship to the BJP. These turncoats clearly betrayed Goa and the interests of Goenkars for their political profit. While the BJP has gained national notoriety as a party that buys its way into power, Congress has earned the moniker of BJP’s poultry farm.
This shift is not only visible online but also on the ground. In Curchorem yesterday more than a 100 congress workers along with the Mahila Block President Ms Roshan Gaonkar joined AAP and took a pledge to boycott both BJP and Congress in the upcoming elections.
“Goans chose MLAs not traitors. But in 2019 10/15 Congress MLAs defected from the Congress to the BJP and registered the biggest betrayal in Goa’s political history.” said AAP Goa Vice President Surel Tilve. “Goans are joining our campaign as they are fed up of these traitors and know that only AAP can save Goa” added Tilve.


  1. Non-Corrupt Supporters of BJP & Congress must join Non-Corrupt Aam Aadmi Party. AAP is born from anti-Corruption movement. AAP is for non-Corruption Goa. Let us together Vote AAP and make Goa, a non-corrupt State.


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