Lady officer should take licence test for women applicants in RTO: NGO


Panaji: Goa-based NGO Hope Fondation has urged Director of Transport to assign lady officers, the task of taking licence test of women candidates, which is taken up by male officers.

In a letter written to the Director, the NGO has said “it has come to our notice that women who go for driving test face alot of difficulties as it all males inspectors  who take the driving test or these are all men in a car and only one female while giving the test.

“It is also come to our notice that while giving the riding test female are not treated well and also face lot of difficulties,” says the letter signed by Hope Foundation Director Andrea Pereira.

“We request you to allot a  female inspector to take riding and driving test for female test riders or drivers or allot a specific time only for women to ensure their safety and to keep them all difficulties looking forward to you co-operation,” she has said.


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