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Khaunte claims BJP was hiding its inefficiencies to handle COVID-19 crisis By Ketan Golatkar

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Panaji: Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte on Sunday alleged that BJP was trying to hide inefficiencies of its government to handle the COVID-19 crisis by blaming him and other opposition.

In a video message released, Khaunte said “last couple of days been testing time for us and its time stand together to fight against Corona virus.”

“Corona virus have spread to many nooks and corners if the World, how the spread is we have been reading and sharing better advices and messages coming from various people which are positive in nature as far as corona virus is concerned,” he said.

“While fighting to stop this spread of COVID-19  it’s important that everyone should come together and work for this,” he said.

“Whatever thought I have been given right from last assembly session regarding this COVID-19, I think if government had taken it seriously, positively and if had not politicised this issue we would not see the day what we are facing today,” he said.

“Yesterday the CM and president of BJP went on record and  getting into a political twist trying to make the inefficiencies incompetences of the present cm to handle this present situation had tried to play a blame game by putting me and two of my colleagues in a vain,” he said.

“The twist in the story is they are finding way out to blame somebody of incompetences and inefficiency their government,” he commented.

“I would again request request government not to politicise this issue because u take meetings with your MLA’s and keeping ten MLAs  out and then blame us is not correct,” he said.

Khaunte said “if government had listened to us and worked taking us in confidence on such important issue, if precautionary measures could have be taken from day one we were telling this situation would not arisen.”

Even during ZP election time when CM said to stop Mass meeting we stopped although being in opposition i stoppef takimg mass meets keeping sentiments of the the people. Meanwhile same cm and all his chronies and BJP president was busy attending mass meetings.

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