Issue of govt servant, private members bill on conversion of land, change in surname skips the agenda



Porvorim: Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte said that his business related to disappearance of pre-liberation assets, issue of govt servant to the government servants and amendment to the Act disallowing change of surname and ban on sale of agriculture land to non agriculture purpose, could not come on the floor of the House during the last day on Friday.

Khaunte said that he had two issues which were supposed to be taken as motion while there was a private Bill, which was not considered in the agenda of the House.

Referring to the pre-liberation assets which were kept in Treasury of Accounts Department, Khaunte said that when Portuguese left, they kept back Gold, Coin, Silver and other precious things.

“It was regularly audited,but off late it has not been audited. There is a doubt that the books are not maintained.”

“There is suspicion that they are removed from there,” he said.

Khaunte said that the similar thing had happened about Bandodkar Football Cup.

“I asked CM to intervene. It is important to check on these assets. New Accounts Department has been inaugurated and now things would be shifted. Anything is lost during the transfer of things, than who should be held responsible?”

If the assets are not there than CM should take action!

Speaking about the second issue, Khaunte said that it is about the government employees.

“Government has stopped HBA advance to the government employees. In addition there are lot of issues regarding anamolies of seventh pay. The seventh pay is not implemented to all the government servants.”

“Director of Education department’s peons are kept out. In the corporation like GIDC where seventh pay is not given,” he said.

“There is status of temporary or contractual workers who are working for more than five years. Government was supposed to come up with the policy to regularize them.”

“Staff of labour society are temporary plus there are 448 people in PWD and other departments which are in non temporary status, we don’t know what is their status for last eight years,” he said.

“During our tenure, Parrikar had assured that those who have completed five years would be made permanent,” he said.

Khaunte said that he had moved two private member Bills which did not figure, one of them is amendment to surname Bill.

“People come here and change their surname is a serous concern for all of us. it has been used by migrants and other population.”

“If a person from West Bengal has committed an offence, he comes here and changes his name. his passport and other documents are changed.” He will never be found.

In an another bill, Khaunte had proposed introduction of a Bill banning sale of agriculture land to non agriculturists.

“We wanted to pass the Bill but we were out of the government by that time. These bills would have taken care of the issues that Goa is facing. I hope better sense on government prevails and they act on these issues.”


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