Is Savitri Kavlekar, a Congress leader or BJP leader now?


Sanguem: The sudden change of political affiliation by Quepem MLA Chandrakant Kavlekar has casted shadow on the political fate of his wife, Savitri, who has been a leading Congress leader in Sanguem constituency.

Chandrakant Kavlekar is on record to state after the swearing in ceremony that his wife has travelled with him in BJP. But there is no formal communication from Savitri on her political fate.

Savitri has been working extensively in Sanguem constituency and has been one of the prominent leader with bright future here. The presence of BJP leaders like Subhash Faldesai in the constituency might not give chance for Savitri, a chance to contest on party ticket in this constituency.

While there is silence from her side, all eyes are on her future course of political action.


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