Ten Congress MLAs joining BJP has demoralised BJP cadres: Prudent Survey


Panaji: In a survey conducted by Prudent Media, seven out of ten people have said that the induction of ten Congress MLAs into BJP has demoralised BJP cadres in Goa
A twitter survey, which was launched on Wednesday, saw participation by more than 13,000 people who have overwhelmingly voted for the option “demoralised BJP cadres.”
In an unexpected move, a fortnight back, Chief minister Pramod Sawant had inducted ten Congress MLAs into BJP increasing the strength of the party in the House from 17 to 27.
The survey, which was launched to know the pulse of the people after the unprecedented political development indicates that majority, about 70 per cent of the tweeter voters, felt that it would demoralize the BJP cadres.
Total 18 per cent of the people have voted for the option that the action will create distrust in allies, while meager 12 per cent feel that it will strengthen the government.
Prudent Media is one of the leading news channels in the State, which has extensive viewership in Goa and also around globe through their online presence. The channel has strong following online on platforms including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


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