Is BJP patronising murder mafia? – Girish Chodankar


Margao – As conflicting reports are emerging on the motives of the day light murder in Margao two days back and conspicuous silence of the authorities on the progress of the investigation, is it that the Government is trying to shield Murder Mafia questioned GPCC president Girish Chodankar.

The interference of extra-statutory political authority such as BJP Senior functionaries into Swapnil Walke Murder Case in Margao raises suspicion of the BJP trying to shield someone who is the master mind of the murder claimed Girish Chodankar.

The undue hurry to visit Margao by BJP president Sadanand Shet Tanavade and Sanghtan Mantri Satish Dhond on the day of the murder and subsequent utterance of misleading statements to create confusion and influence investigating authorities is a clear cut indicator of trying to protect someone known to them from being nabbed for the crime charged Girish Chodankar.

The reports of one of the accused again going to the jewellery shop few minutes after the murder when police had reached the murder site gives scope to suspect that the murderers were knowing that police will turn a blind eye while one of them took away the motorcycle. Is it that police had instructions from the political bosses to reach late to the murder site questioned Chodankar.

After links of BJP are getting exposed in Drug Mafia, Beggar Mafia nexus, is it that the Party with a Difference is now patronising Murder Mafia questioned Girish Chodankar.

I want to recall how the investigations into vandalization of numerous religious shrines and crosses were influenced by then CM & Home Minister Late Manohar Parrikar with his high profile visits to the police stations. Ultimately, the brain behind the Cross Vandalism went scot-free and Francis Pereira (Boy) was made a scapegoat even though Goa Police could not prove his involvement in the Courts.

I want to ask the Government, what progress is made in the murder of a jeweller which took place in September 2012 in Mapuca when late Manohar Parrikar was the Chief Minister.

The shocking and blatant Margao murder case should not end up protecting real culprits. Police should immediately book and punish the brain behind Margao murder demanded Girish Chodankar.

Girish Chodankar
President – GPCC


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