If Center can support Maldives then why not Goa?: AAP


AAP has asked if Central Govt is ready to provide an economic relief package of 250 million dollars to Maldives, then why no help for Goans?

While Goa is under huge economic debt crossing over 20,000 crores, BJP’s Goa Govt is unable to convince Central Government to seek help in dealing with this economic stress, which has been a cause of worry for Goans.

“The BJP leaders will come to you again seeking votes, they will say Vote for us because BJP is in Center, if BJP again comes back to power in Goa, Goans will be benefited. you need to ask them what help they were able to get from Centre when the state was under economic stress?”

Centre has announced a package of 250 million dollars for Maldives, but it has nothing for Goa. Goans want to know who should they look upto for economic support?

Issue of Mining is pending in Supreme court, Goan Govt has no plans to revive tourism in Goa, with the tourism season set to start from mid October, Stake holders from the tourism industry have been asking for support, Taxi Unions, Shack owners and Hotel unions have asked for revival package, as nominal as fee waiver, not a single statement from CM or Tourism Minister. This shows the seriousness and intent of the BJP Govt to revive economy of Goa.

“I want to ask why Goans are neglected? The Centre is ready to support Maldives with 250 Mn dollars package but is not ready to spend a single penny for Goa? Why is CM Sawant unable to seek help for Goans?”, said Rahul Mhambre.

Goa is facing two major issues, Covid and Economic stress. We have been asking CM Sawant to hold meetings of all the stakeholders including opposition leaders on both these issues, but looks like all our requests are falling on deaf ears.


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