ICG Rescues Indian Passenger from Cruise Liner in Seaborne Evacuation


Panaji:  Demonstrating exemplary skill and swift response, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) successfully evacuated an Indian passenger from the Italian-flagged cruise liner Costa Serena, approximately 80 nautical miles off the coast of Goa on Thursday.

The ICG spokesman said that the cruise liner raised an alert at approximately 03:20 PM Local time on December 28 requesting medical assistance for an Indian passenger onboard experiencing Heart related ailment.

“Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the ICG Maritime Rescue Sub Coordination Centre (MRSC) at Goa promptly launched and coordinated the operation,” he said.

The spokesman said that the cruise liner  was directed to alter the course and proceed towards Goa for quick transfer of the patient to land-based medical facilities. Simultaneously, an ICG Interceptor boat C-158 which was already present in the area was immediately pressed into action.

“The rendezvous between C-158 and Costa Serena took place approximately 30 nautical miles off Goa. With utmost care and expertise, C-158 assisted by the cruise ship’s medical personnel, safely transferred the patient, along with his wife and accompanying nurse,” he said.

The spokesman said that maintaining maximum speed and priority status, C-158 entered Mormugao Port Authority, Goa by 08:30 PM. “Upon reaching the patient was immediately handed over to a waiting ambulance in stable condition for swift onward transfer to a specialized medical facility at Manipal Hospital,Panaji,” he added.


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