Health Minister Vishwajt Rane has exposed that Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant lied to the people of Goa – Janardhan Bhandari



Canacona: The acceptance by the Health Minister Vishwajit Rane that the South Goa District Hospital is still not complete and only OPD section will be shifted in the new complex from Monday 11th May 2020 has exposed that the Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant lied to the people of Goa saying that the work is completed in March 2020. The BJP government has mastered the art of fakery, jumlas and misleading the people alleged General Secretary of Congress Party Janardhan Bhandari.

The Health Minister who visited the South Goa District Hospital on Friday and had categorically stated that the work of the Hospital Project is still not completed. This categorical statement has exposed the lies of the Chief Minister who had announced in the last week of March that the entire Hospital Project was completed. The Chief Minister should apologize to the people of Goa for his blatant lies.

The then Congress Minister Digambar Kamat had initiated the South Goa District Project and almost 60% work was completed by 2012 during the Congress regime. Unfortunately, the BJP Government which came to power kept the project on hold for almost 8 years.

The South Goa District Headquarter project was also initiated and completed in all respects by the Congress government under our leader Digambar Kamat. However, the BJP government which came to power in 2012 did not even show the courtesy of inviting the Margao MLA for the inaugural function.

Today, the law of natural justice has happened. the patients and the Doctors and other medical staff who will start operations in the OPD section will actually inaugurate the dream project which was started by the Congress government and vision of our leader Digambar Kamat to provide better health facilities to the people of Goa.


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