Great to see Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant ridiculing Niti Ayog Chaired by PM Modi- Amit Patkar



Panaji – Wow! Kudos to BJP Governments Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant for ridiculing Niti Ayog headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on its Report of 1.10 lakhs unemployed in Goa. You are a genius who invented 102% Covid Vaccination Theory. BJP need to reward you soon. Shakha education at its best, charged Congress President Amit Patkar.

Reacting sharply to the statement made by Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant who claimed that Niti Ayog data of Unemployment in Goa was wrong and only 20000 are unemployed in Goa, Congress President has urged BJP to reward him for his brilliancy.

Goa Chief Minister has mocked his own Government by claiming that data maintained by Employment Exchange is faulty. I appreciate his honesty. What can you expect from a person who has taken lessons on Shakhas? questioned Amit Patkar.

Congress Party had always maintained that BJP Government is patronising Crime Mafia, Drug Mafia and Beggar Mafia in Goa. Now, Chief Minister has admitted that crimes are happening in Goa with involvement of outsiders. Who has stopped him from taking action against these outsiders?. He is not acting because the so-called outsiders are siding with BJP, claimed Amit Patkar.

I challenge the Chief Minister to make public the investigation report of Katamine Drugs seized from Factory of BJP Office Bearer in Sattari. Let him come clean on Why Siddhi Naik mysterious death case investigations were closed? Is it that quick demolition of Curleys undertaken to destroy evidence in Sonali Phogat death case?, Dr. Pramod Sawant must anwer these questions.

BJP Government after coming to power in 2012 has converted Goa into a Crime Destination. Congress Party will continue to be a watchdog on all activities of the BJP Government, stated Amit Patkar


  1. BJP is taking Congress MLAs in BJP. What a Pity on these BJP Volunteers who said to their Constituency People not to Welcome these Congress MLAs in our Constituency and now these same BJP Volunteers are saying to their Constituency People to Welcome these Congress MLAs in our Constituency. BJP Volunteers themselves are saying to the Congress MLAs, *WELCOME SIR*. What a Tragedy for the BJP Volunteers.


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