Govt wants to weaken Lokayukta as elections are coming soon: Ramakant Khalap

Panaji: Former Union law minister and Ex-Deputy chief miniter of Goa Ramakant Khalap has slammed the government for weakening Lokayukata. “Late Manohar Parrikar had envisioned a strong Lokayukta but the current government’s Lokayukata is far from Parrikar’s dreams,” said Khalap. The amendments to Lokayukata have been met with criticism from opposition parties as even Goa Forward has alleged that Goa Govt is trying to weaken it.
Calling Lokayukta in Goa as ‘Farcical Institution’ Khalap inferred that since elections are approaching the govt very well knows that if Lokayukta investigates into the corruption allegations against the various departments this will prove detrimental during elections. “This year the assembly is scheduled to be held for only 3 days when it could have been held for 25 days following all SOPs,” criticised Khalap


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