Govt issues order, benefit goes to Manohar Ajgaonkar’s brother


Panaji: Several doctors including a brother of State Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar would be benefitted with Goa government’s order fixing age of their retirement from 60 to 62.

State Labour Commissioner Jayant Tari said that Goa government has recently issued order fixing age of retirement of doctors to 62, which is a trend nationwide. “The doctors working in ESI hospitals and Goa Medical College and Hospitals besides various other government institutions would be benefitted with the order,” he said.

Section of media on Sunday reported that State tourism minister Manohar Ajgaonkar’s brother, Shrikant, would be benefitted with the other. Shrikant is working as medical officer at ESI in South Goa.

Tari said that under secretary (Labour) had issued order fixing the retirement age to 62.

Goa Government Employees Association (GGEA), which has been opposing extension in service to the government officers, said that they have taken cognizance of the media report that minister’s brother was given extension in services.

“We will seek clarification on the details of the case as we are against any kind of extension in services,” said GGEA President Prashant Devidas.

The association, in the past, had objected to extension of 120 government officers forcing government to terminate their contract for extension.


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