Govt is trying to make Goa a vice hub: Vijai Sardesai



Panaji: Goa Forward chief Vijai Sardesai slammed chief minister Pramod Sawant for moving the file for cultivation of marijuana. “The government claims they want to grow this crop for medicinal purpose but who will be the watchdogs and what happens if the susbtance is leaked and smuggled?,” asked Sardesai.
Sardesai also lamented saying the cultivation of marijuana would give rise to law and order crises. “What will the govt do if youth gets an easy access to marijuana? govt should come clear on what precautions they have taken,” said Sardesai.
The Goa government instead of solving problems is adding fuel to the fire alleged Sardesai. “Whether it is the issue of Mollem, unemployment, tourism, exams and now the government has added trouble that would come with the marijuana. CM talks about Swayampurna Goa but these are just castles in the air,” inferred Vijai Sardesai.


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