Govt is not serious in it’s preparation for third wave: AAP


Panaji: The Aam Aadmi Party warns the Pramod Sawant Govt that they are not preparing appropriately for the impending third wave. AAP Goa highlights that the first week of August has seen almost 100 cases of Corona daily giving the state an almost 2% positivity rate on Sunday.


The second wave caught the govt in complete disarray with Cabinet Ministers defending not shutting borders merely days before the state was forced to take stringent measures due to ballooning case numbers. This coupled with lack of beds in hospitals and an Oxygen scam that originated with the Health Minister himself cost a lot of Goan lives and created an economic downturn.




The state at present has 1006 active Corona cases with 109 new cases being reported just yesterday! The CM who had very loudly proclaimed a 100% vaccination target by the month of July now has moved the target to September. Not only this but neighboring Maharashtra has a large number of cases and even Karnataka has instituted restricted movement in districts neighboring Maharashtra. The number of Covid Cases in Kerala are also on the rise and as of yet the Sawant Sarkarhas not chalked out any plan on preventing the third wave from hitting the state or made any announcements as to how they will prevent a repeat of the tragedy of the second wave.


The second wave saw hospitals overburdened with patients with visuals going viral nationally and internationally of patients on the ground and terrible conditions. The Govt spent the entire second wave napping not improving the healthcare infrastructure and unable to even dispense Home Isolation kits to everyone in home isolation. To add to the fire the Health Minister Vishwajeet Rane was named in a OXygen Scam that was directly responsible for the deaths of many Goenkars.


It was the Aam Aadmi Party who moved in during these trying times by helping people check their oxygen levels via Oxygen checking Kendras, setting up Oxygen Concentrator Banks and AAP volunteers who went to help people. It was also Goenkars themselves who united and worked to help each other in times of need. In fact everyone but the BJP govt was seen helping Goenkars


“Before the second wave itself we had warned the Govt that they must prepare for the rise of cases and help Goenkars. Sadly the Govt didn’t heed our warnings. This time as well we are warning the Govt, that they must take the third wave seriously!” said AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre


“We are seeing 100 new daily cases from the past few days and this is very alarming. Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala have the most number of active cases in the entire country, and Goa’s proximity to these states puts us at high risk. In fact, Karnataka has already put strict restrictions on districts neighboring Maharashtra, but as of now the Sawant Sarkar is still in a slumber,” said Valmiki Naik AAP Goa. “The Govt must not allow another tragedy to unfold on Goenkars just because they are not prepared. They must outline all the steps they will take to prevent a repeat of the second wave.” added Naik.




  1. RG & BJP are two sides of the same coin. They both do politics of hate. RG is saying POGO and BJP is saying BHUMIPUTRA. RG & BJP Speaking against Humanity in front of Humans is a clear cut Politics of Hates. Politics of Hates has no place in a Peaceful Goa. Goans don’t want violence, please.


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