Governor Arlekar lauds academic achievements of HP University

Panaji : While Congratulating faculty members and students of the HP University on its 52nd Foundation Day today, Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar said that education was the foundation of life and everyone remains a student throughout his life but it was important to realise the target of our education.
“Both the teacher and the learner must know what they are learning.  How it should be related to our high tradition and what subjects should be taught”, he said.
Arlekar said that the future of the country depends on what ideas we were giving to the young generation and was necessary to give them ideas of social and national interest.  He added that the invaders targeted our education system time and again as they wanted to harm promotion of our culture.
He said that the Himachal Pradesh University has a glorious and progressive past and in its long journey of 51 years it has achieved ma


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