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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Goencho Avaaz Party announces candidates in Tivim and Calangute


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Panaji : Goencho Avaaz Party today announced the names of two new candidates who will be contesting the Assembly elections in 2022. Swapnesh Sherlekar, will be contesting in Tivim constituency and Roshan Mathias will be the party’s candidate in Calangute constituency.
Introducing his colleagues, Captain Viriato Fernandes, State Convenor of Goencho Avaaz Party said: “They have been at the forefront of so many fights to preserve Goa. Time and again, they have proved their mettle. Unfortunately, Goa, particularly the Northern belt, has become a Centre of lawlessness with criminal elements from all over the country confidently carrying on criminal operations with impunity. Goencho Avaaz has been closely monitoring both Calangute and Tivim constituencies, and the party has made the unanimous decision that both constituencies cannot be compromised in the upcoming elections. Over time, we will be announcing more candidates in other constituencies as per the requests we receive, from people who are desperately looking out for clean and honest alternatives. Goencho Avaaz Party remains committed to fulfilling ‘Mission Clean-up Goa politics’. To the people of Goa, I have one humble request. Prioritize integrity, honesty, good character and a clean past record of a person who comes asking for your vote. At Goencho Avaaz, my promise to you is that we will only present before you candidates who meet all these criteria.”
“Goa sits on the brink of decimation having been repeatedly betrayed by a government that has worked only to retain its own position of power and to promote the vested interests of favoured crony capitalists. Over the last few years, Goans have been mis-ruled by turncoats and corrupt politicians who have sold Goa to the highest bidder for personal profit and self-interest. As a result, Goans have had to suffer a spate of tragedies in the shape of mismanagement of the pandemic where so many needless deaths occurred, a significant rise in crime, joblessness and an economy in sheer disarray. Not to mention the high-handed approach of a government that is
determined to push through the three destructive linear projects at any cost along with an ill-thought out CZMP plan that is threatening the homes and livelihoods of so many people. The constant assault on the people continues in the shape of the Bhumiputra Bill, 168 and the Regional Plan. The people of Tivim constituency have been imploring us to provide a suitable alternative to the existing MLA. who treacherously betrayed the mandate of the people for his own vested gains. As custodians of public interest and the voice of the people, we believe that the time has arrived for Goencho Avaaz to enter the murky waters and clean up the grimy political landscape. Today, we officially pledge our commitment to the people of Tivim constituency by providing an honest and viable option in Swapnesh Sherlekar. who offers the people of Tivim the chance for a new beginning. Honest governance that places the people at the heart of all policies is what Goencho Avaaz can confidently promise Tivimkaars. No more old wine in a new bottle this time the good people of Tivim constituency will get a brand new candidate, who realises that he works for the people and not the other way round” concluded Capt. Viriato Fernandes.
Roshan Mathias, Vice President of Goencho Avaaz and its candidate for Calangute constituency bemoaned the fact that Calangute was facing its darkest days under the successive oppressive regime of the Government. “Land-grabbing by external land sharks, who are hand-in-glove with politicos has been detrimental to the local Calangute populace to an extent of forceful displacement of the local. sons and daughters of the soil. The people of Calangute constituency have suffered immensely under the abysmal leadership in recent years. Lack of basic infrastructure and lawless decadence masquerading as tourism is heaping further misery on the people. For years now, the people of Calangute constituency have remained hopeful that they may get someone who will be able to fight for them with honesty and free them from the clutches of a corrupt leader. Today, the people’s hopes and dreams are about to be become a reality as the Goencho Avaaz party nominates me as a reliable and honest candidate, to restore the glory of the Calangute constituency. Those who know me, realise my passion and dedication for being on the battleground to fight for justice and serve the people. From environmental issues to panchayat level functioning, active gram sabhas, RTI related matters. and public interest litigations – I have devoted years of my life to doing my bit for Goa and my fellow Goans. However, as a concerned citizen there is only so much that I can do and therefore at the behest of my beloved people of the constituency, I am taking the plunge into politics as I want to make a difference and be the voice of people as a legislator. I am confident that with the support of the people, I can and will make the difference by doing my bit for my beloved Calangute constituency and my mother Goa” he concluded.
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