Goan Diaspora Honors Vijai Sardesai as ‘Goencho Rakhondar’ at Their Annual Easter Ball


Goa – In an evening filled with cultural pride and recognition, Goan Diaspora its annual Easter Ball on March 31, where notable Goan leader and GFP President Vijai Sardesai was felicitated with the esteemed title ‘Goencho Rakhondar’, meaning ‘Protector of Goa’. The honor underscores Sardesai’s commitment to safeguarding Goa’s unique identity, heritage, and values.

In his poignant address to the gathering, Goa Forward President Sardesai conveyed a message of hope and unity, aligning with the spirit of Easter. He emphasized the critical need to protect ‘Goemkarponn’—the essence of being Goan—which he described not merely as an identity but as a set of values rooted in humanity. According to him, these values form the bedrock of Goa’s syncretic culture, fostering harmony among its diverse communities.

Highlighting the challenges Goa faces, Sardesai pointed out the external influences threatening to erode the state’s cultural fabric and rewrite its history. He underscored the importance of a ‘Goans without borders’ movement, advocating for development in Goa that places Goans at its heart, contrary to the current trajectory that seems to marginalize them.

GFP President Sardesai’s speech also brought to light the crucial role of the Goan diaspora in shaping the state’s future. By uniting both locally and globally, he believes the diaspora can exert a significant influence on Goa’s socio-political and economic landscape, ensuring policies are crafted in the best interest of Goans.

Expressing humility for the recognition, Sardesai did not shy away from addressing the political turmoil within Goa, denouncing defections and misleading promises that threaten the state’s integrity. He reiterated his party’s commitment to working alongside stakeholders, including the diaspora, to influence the destiny of Goa towards a more inclusive and prosperous future.

The evening not only celebrated the shared identity and aspirations of Goans but also set a hopeful tone for a collective effort towards preserving the unique essence of Goa for future generations.


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