Goa: Konkani flick `Questao De Confusao’ to be released on September 28


Ponda: Goa’s leading actor Rajdeep Naik starring Konkani movie “Questao De Confusao” would be premiered across Goa on September 28, while the crew members of this flick are already going around the State promoting it.

The Teaser of the movie and a song is already making waves in the social media while promotional activities are being conducted, especially to attract younger generation towards this film.

In the recent activity held at Ponda Education Society’s College at Farmagudi, former Chief Minister Ravi Naik appealed the filmmakers to opt for more comedy films so as to ‘de-stress’ already stressed population of the State.

College Trustee R G Desai, College Principal Vikas Pissurlekar, Higher Secondary Principal Vishwas Raikar, Producer of the film Suchita Narvekar, co-producer Anand Panchwadkar and artists including Rajdeep Naik, Audhut Kamat, Gauri Kamat, Spirit Fernandes and music composer Rohan Naik were present on the occasion.

The movie directed by Swapnil Shetkar touches upon the most important aspect of Goa’s life, that is communal harmony.

Speaking on the occasion, Suchita Narvekar said that the film industry in Goa in the verge of progressing with a rapid pace. “We need your support to produce more and better films,” she said.

Gauri Kamat said that the youth of the State should be patrons of this industry. “The industry will flourish if youth are there with it,” she said.

Rajdeep Naik, Audhut Kamat and Rohan Naik also spoke on the occasion. 


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