Goa Forward Observes Opinion Poll day at Fatorda


Margao: Vijai Sardesai, President of Goa Forward Party, on Sunday said that the BJP government had introduced ‘Bhumiputra Adhikarini Bill’ to give the tag of Goemkar to non-Goans, which was repealed only after opposition raised voice. “But if BJP comes to power, they will make it act and make Goans minority in Goa.” Sardesai added.

Sardesai on Sunday celebrated Opinion Poll Day at Opinion Poll Square in Fatorda, in presence of MMC Chairperson Lindon Pereira, Councilor Johny Crasto and Senior Journalist Anil Pai.

“Dr. Jack de Sequeira played a major role in protecting our identity and stopping Goa getting merged into Maharashtra. Along with him Shabu Desai, Ulhas Buyao, Ravindra Kelekar, Adv. Uday Bhembre, Chandrakant Keni and others also fought for our Goan asmitay. That is why we wanted to install a statue of Dr. Sequeira in the assembly complex, which BJP didn’t do.” Sardesai said.

He said that after BJP rejected the proposal, the Goa Forward Party took the lead to install the statue of Dr. Sequiera in Merces.

“Dodamarg Panchayat and municipal council had taken resolutions wishing to be part of Goa. This Sawanwadi Government can’t be trusted and may go to any extent to make our own goemkars minority in Goa.” Sardesai said.

“Goa would have been a district of Maharashtra, if leaders like Dr. Sequiera had not fought then. After 55 years of opinion poll day, do we have the Goemkarwadi government or Sawantwadi government? Do Goemkars have any value in this government?.’’ Sardesai questioned.

“Goa Forward being a regionalistic party, we know the value and importance of our history. Hence I had tried to include Opinion Poll history in school curriculum, but BJP even failed to do it. Those who fought to protect the identity of Goa, they should get recognition and coming generations should respect them. We need to teach this in our history subject. Sawantwadi Government will have no value of this.” He lamented.

Senior Journalist Anil Pai said that this election would be another ‘Opinion Poll’ and people of Goa should again protect Goa by not succumbing to assurances given by ‘tourist parties’ entered in Goa.


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