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Goa claims Mhadei verdict as it’s victory

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Panaji: Goa government has said that the verdict is in favour of them.
This is what government has said :

The total claim of Karnataka was 35 TMC, which includes about 20.13 TMC of diversion of water outside the basin. In a detailed award running into 2711 pages, totally comprising of 12 volumes the state of Karnataka has been allocated only 5.5 TMC of water which also includes 1.5 TMC of water for in basin consumptive use for which the State of Goa did not have any objection. The Total diversion allowed to the State of Karnataka is only 3.9 TMC of water. Thus culminating into a major victory for the State of Goa. Apart from this the State of Karnataka has not been allocated any water for consumptive use.

Furthermore, the said minimal diversion is also not an absolute relief granted to the State of Karnataka, when Indeed, the Order of injunction passed by the tribunal dated 17.04.2014 while disposing I.A No. 1 of 2012 filed by the State of Goa will continue to be operative and stand vacated / revocked only after:

a. The state of Karnataka prepares revised DPR for consumptive uses within the basin and / or diversion of water outside the basin including the reservoir losses etc. for not more than 1.72 tmc at the proposed Kalasa dam site as permitted under Clause IX;
b. The revised DPR of Diversion Scheme at Kalasa Dam site is appraised by the Central Agencies and is duly cleared;
c. All mandatory clearances are obtained as per law; and
d. The State of Karnataka is allowed to take up works as per duly approved revised DPR either by the Mahadayi Water Management Authority or the Union Government.

As regards the demands of the State of Karnataka for hydroelectric power generation at Kali basin the demand of the State of Karnataka for diversion of 156.6 Mcum (5.527 tmc) of water of Mahadayi river basin to the Supa reservoir of the Kali Hydro-Electric Power Project, for generation of hydro-power was found to be unjustified and the Tribunal rejected the same.

Furthermore, the demand of the State of Karnataka in respect of proposed diversion of 198.3 Mcum (7 tmc) of surplus water from the proposed Kotni reservoir of the Mahadayi Hydro Electric Power (MHEP) Project, has also not been found to be justified by the Tribunal and came to be rejected.

As regards the State of Maharashtra is concerned, out of the total demand of 7 TMC of water, they have been granted only 1.33 TMC of water i.e only for in basin use. As far as tillari outside the basin diversion is concerned, the same has been rejected by the Tribunal. Furthermore, the contention of the State of Maharashtra that 10 TMC of the Tillari project should also be included in the yield of the Mahadayi basin, the said contention has been rejected.

This has resulted in a major victory for the State of Goa.


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