Gap between manpower, industry needs to be bridged in IT sector: Rohan Khaunte


Panaji: Goa’s Information Technology Minister Rohan Khaunte said that the state government will work towards bridging the gap between the manpower availability and the industry requirement in the sector.

Khaunte on Wednesday chaired meeting of academia, IT industry and related government officials in Panaji. The minister said that the meeting was held to understand the gap existing between the manpower and the industry requirement.

He said that the gaps between manpower and the industry do exist and all the stakeholders will be taken confidence to design a solution to bridge this gap.

Khaunte said that after taking over the department, during last 40 days, he has reviewed the entire system in the IT sector. He stated that the Start Up and IT policy of the state government needs to be revived so that the disbursement of financial grants and certification can happen at a much regulated pace.

The minister said that on Wednesday, there was a “brain storming session” between Academia, Industry and the State government to know the gaps.

“While we are inviting more investment in the IT sector, we have to also understand whether there is skilled manpower to cater to their requirement or not,” Khaunte said.

The minister said that the department will be soon holding an event which will bring all the academia, IT community together to prepare a future roadmap for the industry.


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