Fitness Drive held in Island areas of Old Goa PS jurisdiction


Old Goa: Fitness drive in island areas in Diwar, Chorao, St. Estevam, Cumbharjua,

The Old Goa Police in view of promoting Fit India Movement have approached all sectors of society with a distinct capsule of 05
minutes minimum fitness in a day which includes one minute each of breathing exercise viz: Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom and Bhastrika, one minute each of strengthening exercise viz: plank and Dand (push up).

The Old Goa Police have urged the public to include minimum fitness of these 5 minutes in their routine life. The fitness awareness programme and other programme like health and Nutrition, drug abuse, Motor Vehicle rules, cyber crime were taken up along with fitness drive which also includes jog for health in the beautiful island of Diwar and Chorao.

Also the programme will be carried out in the other island like St. Estevam, Vanxim and Cumbharjua. The Old Goa Police is celebrating February as a month of fitness and creating awareness amongst the public and fellow policeman in Old Goa Police Station Jurisdiction. Appeal is made to the public to join the Fit India Movement.


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