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Fish catch in Goa witnesses drop, exports are on rise: Data

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Porvorim:   Fisheries Minister Vinod Palyekar told the State Legislative Assembly that that there has been a marginal drop in the fish production in the State. The exports are on rise during last five years.

Palyekar said that the fish catch from ocean which was 1,28,107 tonnes during the year 2014 has dropped to 1,20,430 tonnes for the year 2017.

The catch was low to the tune of 87,984 tonnes during 2013 but saw sudden growth during the year 2014 when it touched a figure of 1.28 lakh.

For the next year (2015), the production saw a major dip with the figures touching 1,08,240 tonnes and 1,01,053 tonnes during 2016, as per data placed on the floor of the House.

The fish catch went up to 1,20,430 tonnes for the year 2017.

Amongst all the fish that is netted deep sea, Sardines amount to the highest catch followed by Mackerals. For the year 2017, 38,551 tonnes of Sardines and 29,511 tonnes of Mackerals were caught by the trawlers. The same year also saw, 9652 tonnes of prawns being harvested by the fishermen.

The Inland catch of fish has witnessed fluctuations during last five years. Total 4,678 tonnes of fish was netted in inland waters during the year 2013, where outboat motor Canoes venture for fishing. The catch went down to 3718 tonnes during 2014 and 4648 tonnes during 2015. For the year 2016, 44403 tonnes of fish was caught from inland waters while it catch increased to 5332 tonnes for the year 2017, the figures tabled on the floor of the House revealed.

The export of fish from Goa is on rise with 33939 tonnes of fish exported from the coastal state during 2013, which went up to 40365 tonnes for the year 2014. The exports took a deep and touched mark of 34814 tonnes for the year 2015 and then increased to 38209 tonnes for the year 2016. The provisional figures of export for the year 2017 were 44,444  tonnes.


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